In short

Luis Landrini is a Swiss-born singer with Spanish and Italian origins. During his career he has achieved important milestones, such as participation as a finalist in Area Sanremo and X Factor. He is also a well-known face on RSI1, thanks to his regular participation in the programme 'Via Col Venti', broadcast Monday to Friday. Thanks to his Spanish origins, Luis has recently renewed his repertoire, incorporating Latin sounds and rhythms into his musical repertoire. He has thus had the opportunity to enhance that part of his origins that he could not leave out.

Luis offers a musical performance in different formations, depending on the type of event. He can perform acoustically, as a soloist, in a duo or trio, or with his full six-piece band. The genre of music he plays is mainly Italian pop, Spanish (Latin) and covers of various genres, and he is adept at providing an energetic and danceable show. Luis is able to adapt his repertoire and the genre of music, depending on the type of event and audience, always guaranteeing an engaging and high-impact show.

Landrini is very versatile and knows how to adapt the repertoire and genre of music according to the type of event and audience. Thanks to his experience, his passion for music and his versatility, Luis Landrini has earned a prominent place in the Swiss music scene and continues to enjoy success among his fans.